About us

Our focus is ensuring everyone has access to Suicide Prevention and Crisis Support everywhere in the world.

Our overarching mission is to live in a world where access to quality suicide prevention support is available, accepted and encouraged.

As a membership organisation, we believe that through collaboration and shared purpose, we can work towards our vision of a world without suicide.

We work with people with lived experience, our Member organisations, governments and suicide prevention organisations to develop policy, advocacy, programs and events to promote and improve access to quality suicide prevention services across the world.

Our key focus areas are:

Promoting, organising and conducting conventions, conferences, meetings and educational programmes aimed at promoting the objectives of LifeLine International and our Members.

Capturing, sharing and disseminating knowledge and learnings drawn from LifeLine International members, partners and our wider network.

Facilitating member access to knowledge through resources, issues focused training, links to subject matter experts and through communities of practice.

Encourage and lead global public discourse on suicide prevention as a global public health priority. Create a high level of public awareness of and support for LifeLine International and our Members. Be widely known as an authoritative and influential voice on suicide prevention across the world.

LifeLine International seeks opportunities to diversify and grow our income to ensure that we have the capacity to deliver our strategic plan and empower our Members to deliver sustainable services.

Partners and Supporters

LifeLine International partners with many outstanding organisations doing important work in suicide prevention as well as supporters that enable LifeLine International to achieve its purpose.

James Packer & Packer Family Foundation donate $6 million to LifeLine International. View media release.


LifeLine International (ABN 12639930206) is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with our Constitution.

Members of our Board are passionate advocates for suicide prevention across the world and bring a wealth of insights and lived experience to their role.

The Board and CEO are responsible for the stewardship and future well-being of LifeLine International and bears ultimate responsibility for the organisation achieving the purpose for which it exists.

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Justin Chase, President

Justin Chase’s ambition for LifeLine International is to be a leading global voice on the barriers that restrict suicide prevention services – especially social stigma and criminalisation – and how to overcome them to save lives from preventable suicide. Justin was appointed President of the Board in June 2023, having joined in January 2021.

Justin is a well-recognised US and international expert in crisis services and non-profit organisational leadership. He has served as a behavioural healthcare executive, administrator, subject matter expert, and project manager for nearly 20 years in North America. Justin possesses expertise in developing, implementing, managing, and monitoring cross-population service management systems and proven development modalities. His leadership skills and experience have equipped him with the knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed practice to effectively respond to the complex and growing challenges faced by this sector.

Justin currently serves as President & Chief Executive Officer for Solari Crisis and Human Services, an award-winning nonprofit that operates data-driven crisis and human services programs and contact centres in the states of Arizona and Oklahoma. Solari also partners with organisations to increase access to local care and offers innovative technological solutions and consulting services to crisis centres around the United States.

He is also the Vice-Chair of the International Council for Helplines and an Advisory Board Member of International Caller Management Institute (ICMI). Read a recent interview with Justin here.

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Thili Perera, CEO

Thili Perera was appointed as CEO of LifeLine International in July 2021. Previously, Thili also held senior executive roles at LifeLine Australia – Australia’s preeminent suicide prevention helpline.

Her work concentrates on collaborating with a range of stakeholders across the world to reduce stigma, increase understanding that suicides are preventable and ensure that suicide prevention is a key priority on the global public health agenda.

Thili is a qualified corporate governance professional and a legal practitioner of the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court. Thili also chairs the Board of CarersACT – a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on supporting, connecting and empowering carers to maintain their caring role and personal wellbeing.

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LifeLine International is committed to the highest standards of legal and ethical behaviour in pursuing our mission to save lives. To this end, our Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines Policy specifies the standard of behaviour required of all LifeLine International staff, contractors, volunteers and Board of Directors.