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Members have had a profound impact on the way we work at LifeLine International.Our Members have an exclusive say in steering LifeLine’s direction in saving lives across the world. As a Member, you can attend our Annual General Meetings and elect our Board. Members also have access to Member events and services.

For further information about becoming a part of our Member Network please email our secretariat at

Promoting, organising and conducting conventions, conferences, meetings and educational programmes aimed at promoting the objectives of LifeLine International and our Members.

We empower our members to deliver crisis intervention and support services to the communities they serve by facilitating access to resources, training, subject matter experts and practice models.

Encourage and lead global public discourse on suicide prevention as a global public health priority. Create a high level of public awareness of and support for LifeLine International and our Members. Be widely known as an authoritative and influential voice on suicide prevention across the world.

LifeLine International seeks opportunities to diversify and grow our income to ensure that we have the capacity to deliver our strategic plan and empower our Members to deliver sustainable services.

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LifeLine Member organisations are founded on the work of dedicated volunteers across the world.

LifeLine’s volunteers help to reduce stigma around suicide and enable helpseekers to access quality suicide prevention supports. Together, we will save lives across the world.
Please contact your local LifeLine International Member Organisation for all current volunteer opportunities.