Policy Statement on Suicide Prevention

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March 2024

We believe that suicide, everywhere in the world can be prevented.  Over 60 years, evidence-based practice models and policy frameworks for crisis support have emerged – and LifeLine International and its Members have been putting this into practice, bringing innovation to this life-saving work.  However, whether accessed through telephones, or social media, or other data services, such as messaging, we also know that it is the simple act of human interaction, of listening and compassion that can change the future of a person in suicidal distress.

Understanding suicide, and its prevention, encompasses may facets.  Putting in place the systems and policy environment that allow suicide prevention services, such as crisis lines, requires many different skills.  We have bought these all together in a single statement.

The Board of LifeLine International has approved a formal position statement in relation to Suicide Prevention, which informs our work to deliver our mission – more help, for more people in more places, in a world where access to quality suicide prevention resources is freely available and encouraged. 

This position statement reflects LifeLine International’s unique point of view as a service provider in suicide prevention, and brings together an overview of the operational and evidence based practices, with how they interact with key governance and policy processes, such as the World Health Organisation, the role of National Suicide Prevention Strategies, and Sustainable Development Goal 3.4.2 that specifically names a 30% reduction in suicide by 2030.

Please read our full Position Statement on Suicide Prevention here :  Policy-Statement-on-Suicide-Prevention-August-2023.pdf (lifeline-international.com)