Lifeline Malaysia 30th Anniversary – a year of achievement

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March 2024

For 30 years now, LifeLine Malaysia has provided lifesaving support through its crisis line service for help seekers in distress but also through its community services that teach self-help. In 2023, our Member’s crisis line, which operates in Mandarin and English assisted 25,000 individuals!  The achievements, impact – and celebration – of this Member’s work can be found in their 2023 Annual Review Report.

To mark this considerable milestone, a special lunch was held to celebrate in Kuala Lumpur – which also raised RM2.6 Million (about $850,000 Australian dollars) – a remarkable achievement and a great endorsement of the value that the LifeLine Malaysia team provides to it community.  The funds will assist in reaching the goal of providing a 24-hour service by 2025, as well as the ongoing development of counselling and database systems, while further suicide prevention projects for young people, training program and other initiatives are planned. 

The Annual Report outlines the focus on training and suicide prevention awareness workshops for teenagers and youth. Several hundred young people and their and families have actively participated in our programs, in addition to seminars, workshops, and discussion groups specifically tailored for youth – including two sessions of a three-day workshop involving 100 youth and their families.

Through the community support program, LifeLine Malaysia also provides support to senior citizens’ homes, and actively participate in blood donation drives – earning them the accolade of the largest blood donation of NGOs in Malaysia, collecting thousands of bags of blood over the past 20 years.

And we were delighted to see the section on Allies, including the close collaboration between our leadership and teams and support for Decriminalise Suicide Worldwide – thank you colleagues!  LifeLine Malaysia is active in advocacy and played a role In changing the laws on suicide last year. 

The LifeLine International family salutes our Malaysian colleagues, staff and volunteers, supporters, anbassadors and patrons, in their 30 years of operations, and the invaluable contribution their work does to strengthen their community – and we recognise the important ongoing work of a long standing and highly respected NGO in providing suicide prevention services – especially now that suicide was decriminalised in Malaysia last year. 

A future of hope looks bright in Malaysia thanks to the work of the team at LifeLine Malaysia.

Learn more about their work here