Meet our Board: Justin Chase

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March 2023

Breaking down social stigma and navigating barriers to accessing safe, quality suicide prevention services across the globe is something Justin Chase, Lifeline International Board Member and service provider CEO based in Arizona, is passionate to address.

“Mental health doesn’t discriminate,” Justin said.

“There is no community, population or socioeconomic status that is immune from life altering events that may lead them to needing support,”

Justin says in the USA there has been positive progress with the launch of 988 last year, the first-ever national access number for suicide and crisis lifelines was launched a year ago, providing country-wide, toll-free access to suicide and crisis lifelines.

“We’ve had 911 as our emergency number for police, fire and medical emergencies for decades. As mental health is a crucial part of the safety net, the fact that we have the number nine attached to our hotline is helping to break down the stigma barriers around mental health and suicide in a brand-new way.

He says through the LifeLine International network, the lessons learned and advantages of a national hotline can be more easily shared with colleagues across the world.

Lifeline International brings members together from all corners of the globe, providing a platform to share resources, expertise and connectivity to save lives from suicide.

“One of LifeLine International’s focus areas is the decriminalisation of suicide , as these countries have significant barriers to access and are ideal candidates for getting new or extended suicide prevention resources up and running,” he said.

“I think a lot of smaller services like us have the same struggles and opportunities. To be able to share our lessons learnt, bounce ideas, as well as maintain volunteer commitment and building capacity, is important. Lifeline International plays a critical role in supporting the supporters – as Members we are less isolated by virtue of our network.”

Equity is also a major motivator for Justin.

“I’m passionate that Lifeline International brings funding and experience to call centres in areas and countries that are just so underserved – with high unmet needs but no resources or capacity to respond. I am so grateful to learn about what’s happening globally and how LLI can assist,” Justin said.

And his ambition for LLI?

“A leading global voice on the barriers that restrict suicide prevention service – especially social stigma and criminalisation – and how to overcome them to save lives from preventable suicide.”

Justin Chase – Biography

  • LifeLine International Board since 2021
  • President and Chief Executive Officer for Solari Crisis and Human Services, an award-winning non-profit that runs data-driven crisis and human services programs and contact centres in Arizona.
  • Nearly 20 years experience in the US as a behavioural healthcare executive and NGO administrator.
  • In his spare time, Justin enjoys boating with his family and nature photography.

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