First Regional Online Forums for 2023

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March 2023

LifeLine International just completed our first whole series of regional online forums for 2023 with Members organised into four regional groupings of Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, and the OECD. The meetings involve all 24 Member organisations across 22 countries. They are held each quarter to provide the network with a chance to share ideas and insights.

Members used these most recent fora to share experiences, policy updates, innovation, and best practices in running crisis line operations. Specific regional issues included:

  • the rollout of the North America-wide 988 number
  • presentation of new technologies that can increase operational performance in call centres, such as virtual reality
  • sharing the details of Atmiyataa successful community-based mental health program in India which could have exciting opportunities for building remote outreach in rural African communities.

The member sessions are also an invaluable way for newer operations to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of long-term members in each region.

Neta Gear from LifeLine International member organisation Distress and Crisis Ontario said that being part of a global community is an equity endeavour for her.

“Collectively, we use our privilege and resources to highlight, analyse, problem solve and advocate for more efficient and effective service delivery in our local community and outside of it,” Neta said.

“It is inspirational, actually, as we learn and support each other in our work. The outcome is better help for help seekers.”

Members also get to hear of their colleagues’ many challenges – from natural disasters, COVID, and, most acutely, in countries where suicide remains a crime.

With a global imprint, the geographical areas for the regional sessions align toward the World Health Organisation’s regions allowing LifeLine International a more consistent view of policies and priorities in suicide prevention. In addition, the WHO publishes critical information that assists LLI in planning and policy development, such as funding resources and suicide prevention statistics. The WHO also publishes its Live Life framework – and implementation guide for suicide prevention at the national level.

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