Meet our President: John Brogden

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September 2022

Serving as President of LifeLine International since 2021, John Brogden says he is proud to be continuing the work of many passionate volunteers before him.

A business leader, former chairman of Lifeline Australia and past politician, John says his professional and lived experience help him in his role to support change on the global stage.

“In Australia for example, we are lucky to have Lifeline, which has over 10,000 volunteers who answer more than a million calls and around 100,000 texts every year,” John said.

“So many countries don’t have a resource like Lifeline, or they have a very small helpline with limited funding and only a handful of volunteers.”

Through membership of LifeLine International, smaller organisations can seek support and assistance and advice from their peers, and introductions to international partners.

“They can look to the journey of others, receive advice and input from other members to learn about the latest innovations, technologies and understand what’s happening across the world.”

It also allows organisations, big or small, to speak to issues of international significance. For example, in some countries suicide is still a crime, which John explains is a huge barrier to seeking help.

“In 2023 LifeLine International will launch a global campaign to decriminalise suicide in the 35 counties where it is still a crime,” he said.

“We need to be empathetic, understanding and sensitive to each jurisdiction while we work towards the decriminalisation of suicide.”

“It’s an advantage that we speak with one voice, as governments and international organisations like to speak to other larger entities.”

According to John, collaboration with other like-minded international non-government organisations, charities and advocacy groups is another strength LifeLine International brings to the equation.

He says a growing membership and a more connected world after COVID-19 means there are opportunities to make lasting positive change.

“We have a great board, a good team and an active membership,” he said.

“We are excited to continue supporting the establishment of new helplines, or boosting existing programs.”

“Whether you’re a potential member or partner, volunteer or donor, we invite you to reach out to see how we can work together to prevent suicide in all countries across the world.”

Meet our full Board and learn more about our vision on our About Us page.