LifeLine International launches new Members Portal to connect volunteers around the world.

  • LifeLine International launches new Members Portal to connect volunteers around the world. image

June 2023

LifeLine International has launched a new Members Portal to continue to bridge the gap between our valued Member network around the world—providing a safe place for collaboration and connection.

Investing heavily in Member services, the new portal will provide LifeLine International Members access to resources including research summaries, campaigning materials, public policy and forums so they can continue to collaborate on suicide prevention projects, share advice and connect with one another.

With plans to include exclusive content—such as webinars, and templates specifically for Members—according to Membership Director Gillian Bent, the hope is to eventually build a database accessible from anywhere in the world, that engages LifeLine International Members in an informative and fun way.

“The work of our Members deserves dedicated attention and resourcing. While our Members deliver crisis intervention and look after their communities, we are behind the scenes, facilitating knowledge sharing and creating resources that can make their day-to-day easier, or contribute to global suicide prevention activities”

Among the exclusive content, Members will also have the opportunity to contribute to policy submissions, apply for grants and nominate volunteers for well-deserved awards and recognition, such as the International Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.

“We have such amazing expertise across the network, as well as various Members attending conferences, conducting research, and developing training. By connecting with one another, via this Member platform, we can share that experience and expertise across the world and crisis centres big and small.”

With plans for regular posts and updates, Members will also have access to agendas and minutes for the ongoing Member Forums, an event calendar, and more.

According to Gillian, the update is the first step in creating a greater connection between Members and the LifeLine International Secretariat.

“Our shared mission connects us already, but to prevent suicidal deaths and reduce stigma on a global scale, we need to work together effectively. The Members Portal will play an important role in that work.”

Find out more about becoming a LifeLine International Member here.