Celebrating the Success of CCCline’s Let’sTALK Program in Sri Lanka

  • Celebrating the Success of CCCline’s Let’sTALK Program in Sri Lanka image
  • Celebrating the Success of CCCline’s Let’sTALK Program in Sri Lanka image
  • Celebrating the Success of CCCline’s Let’sTALK Program in Sri Lanka image

February 2024

In an era where stigma and discrimination remain significant barriers to help seeking, we are immensely proud of the achievements of the Let’sTALK Program, by our Member CCCLine 1333 in Sri Lanka. This initiative, operating under the banner “Letting everyone talk safely,” has marked a significant milestone in promoting mental well-being and helping to foster an environment where individuals feel empowered to express their concerns and seek help without hesitation.

The program, funded by LifeLine International and designed to break down the barriers of stigma and bias surrounding mental health, was implemented from January to June 2023. It aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills and awareness to identify signs of distress in themselves and others, encouraging open conversations and facilitating access to support services both within and outside their communities. The initiative successfully reached a wide audience, including students, teachers, lecturers, administrative staff, and volunteers, totalling over 1,600 individuals across various institutions and organisations.

Among the key achievements, the British School in Colombo stands out, where the program not only trained 107 teachers and students but also integrated Let’sTALK as a year-long activity, demonstrating the program’s adaptability and effectiveness in fostering long-term awareness and support within educational institutions. Similarly, impactful sessions were conducted at Lumbini College, Maduma Bandara School, Horizon Campus, and several National Youth Services Council branches, highlighting the program’s wide-reaching impact.

In addition, the engagement with the Nursing Training Schools in Ratnapura and Anuradhapura, involving over 650 participants, highlights the program’s significance in sectors critical to community health and well-being. The proactive involvement of participants and their eagerness to become “Buddies” or “Mentors” post-program illustrates the initiative’s impact on individuals, inspiring them to contribute actively towards creating more supportive environments.

The positive feedback and significant improvements noted in pre and post-program surveys underscore the effectiveness of the Let’sTALK Program in enhancing participants’ confidence in discussing mental health issues, seeking assistance, and providing support to others. This progress is thanks to the thoughtful design and execution of the program, which emphasises the importance of communication, trust-building, and sensitivity towards mental health concerns.

LifeLine International was honoured to have supported such a transformative program, reflecting our commitment to fostering mental health awareness and support across our Members, worldwide.

The journey of the Let’sTALK Program, from its conception to its successful implementation, showcases the power of collaborative efforts in making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. By working together, we hope to continue to break down barriers and build a more supportive and understanding world.