LifeLine International marks World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

  • A Black woman hugging her teenage child. Graphic says 'Creating hope through action'

September 2023

On the 10th of September, LifeLine International and our Members mark World Suicide Prevention Day, a day that serves as a global platform to address the critical issue of suicide and spread the message that suicide, anywhere in the world, is preventable.

This year, we celebrate the theme of ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ and embrace the call to action from the International Association of Suicide Prevention, to “be the light”.

This theme and call to action emphasises the power of understanding, reaching out, and sharing experiences. It reminds us of our fundamental belief: there are alternatives to suicide, and there is support available.

On this day, if you are facing a mental health crisis, we encourage you to reach out and seek help.

Through the work of our Members, we can help. We want to chip away at the stigma surrounding suicide and foster a culture where individuals in distress feel not only safe to seek help but are encouraged to do so. This day reminds us that talking openly about suicide is not just okay; it’s essential.

As part of acknowledging this important day, LifeLine International extends our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated Members and their volunteers, who work tirelessly to provide crisis support services and, in doing so, save lives.

At LifeLine International, we firmly believe that every individual deserves respect, support, and care. The crisis support services offered by our Members provide a ray of light to those going through dark times. Together, we are making a tangible difference by ensuring that help is always accessible, when and where it’s needed most.

LifeLine International stands ready to collaborate with our Members to raise awareness, nurture understanding, and lend support to one another on this crucial day and every day. We also recognise the work of the International Association of Suicide Prevention and other leading agencies who work to save lives and make change.

Together, we envision a world where no one feels alone in their journey and where suicide can be prevented, through crisis support services, wherever, or whenever they are needed.