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What we do

LifeLine Taiwan provides services based on Taiwan’s social safety net service projects and provide service plans with local needs, such as counseling and visits for mentally ill people and their families, juvenile delinquency counselling, noncommissioned officers psychological counseling, air crew mental health education courses, foreign spouses, Campus life meaning courses, drug addiction prevention and counseling, care for the elderly living alone; psychological support and resource recommendation for natural and man-made disasters and disasters and Employee Assistance Programs(EAPs).

LifeLine has been in Taiwan for 50+ years. Now, there are 24 LifeLine Associations, including outlying island counties and cities and the consultation service is provided through 53 dedicated phone lines.

Get help

LifeLine Taiwan International

Our 24/7 Toll-Free Crisis Helpline offers confidential, and anonymous support services for people experiencing emotional distress or crisis.

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