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What we do

1333 is a 24/7, confidential and toll free crisis support service aimed at improving the emotional well-being and mental health of people. We encourage people to talk about their problems, whether personal, relationship or family issues, work worries, mental illnesses or suicidal thoughts. By listening to their concerns we can put them in touch with their inner strengths as well as other support services so they can manage and overcome the difficulties in their lives.

Our vision is ‘Letting Everyone Talk Safely’ and since our inception in 2009, CCC line 1333 is Sri Lanka’s credible, accessible and most utilised crisis support service.

The Let’sTALK Program is a preventative and early intervention strategy to support people to feel safe to talk about their ideas, concerns or distress. The Program is designed to help Families, Schools, Universities and Workplaces build a climate of psychological safety through the power of conversation.

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For 24/7, confidential and toll free crisis support service.

Call: 1333