What we do

SNEHAM Malaysia (officially known as Pertubuhan Kebajikan Sneham Malaysia) is a non-profit organisation established in October 2018 with the aim of suicide prevention in Malaysia. As the first helpline to offer a toll-free service in the country, the primary aim of SNEHAM is “Building Hope Together” and to serve as an avenue for those in imminent danger of taking their own lives to speak to a volunteer without being judged, in confidence in any of the three languages—Tamil, Bahasa or English. Our Helplines are staffed by 35 volunteers, and we have a total of 48 Members providing support.

We hope to alleviate people in crisis, loneliness, despair, and depression by listening to the callers when they feel they have no one who is willing to listen and accept them. SNEHAM believes that one of the most painful situations people can face is going through emotional pain and having no one to talk to.

Get help

SNEHAM Malaysia

Feeling stressed, burnout, lonely, or having suicidal thoughts? Break the silence and call our toll-free line on 1800 225 757 for confidential service from 4 pm until 8 pm, seven days a week.